We aim to provide education for young people that maximises their academic progress; contributes to their development into integral and principled individuals; and strengthens their capacity to achieve and accomplish in ways pleasing to God. We premise our actions on the following fundamental values:

The sacredness of the human person as the icon of God – leading to a responsibility to be fair, just and respectful to all people.

The sacredness of creation – leading to a responsibility to respect and care for the environment and all living things.

The importance of family as central to the social, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of young people – leading to respect for the role of families in their children’s education.

The importance of our faith in engaging the community as an extension of the Orthodox Church – leading to a duty to contribute to the welfare of others.

The Greek language as the deepest expression of Hellenic heritage – leading to the development and implementation of outstanding programs in the Greek language and the integration of Hellenic thought, literature, history and music in our programs.