Our Principles As St Spyridon Students

Every student who enrols at St Spyridon College becomes part of the College Community and subscribes to, and endeavours to abide by the following principles:

  1. We value our religious and cultural heritage and respect the religious beliefs of others.
  2. We contribute to the life of our Church and community, and exercise our responsibilities as citizens of a Democratic nation, always obeying the rule of law.
  3. We work together to achieve a school community whose distinguishing characteristics are those of friendship, compassion and decency.
  4. We value the mutual respect between Students and Teachers. We honour our Teachers’ experience as they value our youthfulness.
  5. We consider our studies to be our main goal and undertake to be active participants in our own learning. We set goals for our lives and strive to achieve them with a positive state of mind always working towards justice, truth and beauty.
  6. We look after our health and respect our bodies. We care for our surroundings and the natural environment.
  7. We believe in the sacredness of human life and the dignity of every human person.
  8. We accept the value of hierarchy and the need to conform to rules. We see these as fundamental to the proper functioning of our College.
  9. We respond to the difficulties of life with patience, dignity and faith, never fearing to start again.