Tuition Fees 2024

Listed below are the St Spyridon College Tuition Fees for 2024.

YearPer TermPer year
Kindy Minus One – 3 days a week$1,500$6,000
Kindy – Year 2$2,475$9,900
Years 3 – 4$2,625$10,500
Years 5 – 6$2,750$11,000
Years 7 – 8$3,175$12,700
Years 9 – 10$3,300$13,200
Year 11$3,575$14,300
Year 12$4,800$14,400*

*Year 12 – 3 Billings only

Enrolment Fees

Application Fee $200 per student

Payable when the Application for Enrolment is lodged. The Application Fee is non-refundable and inclusive of GST.

Acceptance Fee $2000 per student

Payable when accepting a place offered by the school. The Acceptance Fee (which is non-refundable) is due within 30 days of notification that a place has been offered, or prior to the student’s first day at school, whichever is sooner. Payment of the Acceptance Fee is deemed to be acceptance of the offered place.

Family Allowance

Discounts on Tuition Fees apply where two or more members of the immediate family concurrently attend St Spyridon College (Kindergarten to Year 12) and where no other discount or concession applies.

  • 5% discount is applicable on Tuition Fees for the second student
  • 10% discount is applicable on Tuition Fees for the third student
  • 25% discount is applicable on Tuition Fees for the fourth and subsequent students

Payment of Fees and Charges

All Fees must be paid in full by the end of week 1 of each term using a Parish-approved payment method. Fees and Charges on amended invoices raised for mid-term enrolments are to be paid within seven days from the date of the invoice. Failure to pay an invoice for Fees and Charges within 14 days of the due date will incur a $200 overdue charge which reflects (among other things) the administrative and financial cost of collecting the outstanding amount. In addition to all outstanding Fees and Charges, any third-party collection and legal fees incurred by the College will become a liquidated debt payable to the College.

Attendance at St Spyridon College is contingent upon prompt payment of all Fees and Charges. The Head of College, or their delegate, reserves the right to withdraw a student’s place if payment terms are not met. Similarly, students may be excluded from School events such as excursions, camps or co-curricular activities in the event of late or non-payment.

Parents encountering difficulty meeting the Tuition Fees payment terms or other charges should contact the Accounts Department as soon as possible to discuss options. A Parish-approved automatic direct debit arrangement is available – please contact the Accounts Department before the due date to avoid overdue charges.

Parish-approved payment methods available for Fees and Charges are:

Bank TransferName: St Spyridon College
BSB: 062 303
Number: 28007250
Please reference the Invoice Number in the Description field.
OnlineLog into the Parent Portal to securely pay by credit card
or bank account. (Visa or Mastercard are accepted
with a small surcharge on all transactions.)
Direct DebitArrangements can be made to automatically debit amounts
on an agreed schedule from your nominated bank account
or credit card, such that full payment is made by the end of November 2024. (Visa/Mastercard are accepted with a small
surcharge on all transactions.)
Single Annual PaymentPayment in full of the annual Tuition Fee by 15 February
2024 will receive a 5% discount. Please contact the
Accounts Department if you want to be invoiced for the
entire year’s Tuition Fees upfront.

Optional Charges

School Bus

Transport of students to and from their homes to the School can be arranged in many areas. Charges and conditions are available on application to the College Administration.

Withdrawal of a Student

The Parents are to give at least one full term’s notice in writing to the Head of College before terminating the Student’s enrolment. The notice must be given no later than the day before the first day of student attendance of the last term of enrolment. If the Parents do not give one full term’s notice of termination of the Student’s enrolment, they are to immediately pay one full term’s Fees and Charges. If a student is absent from school, Fees and Charges will not be refunded for that period.

Voluntary Contributions

St Spyridon College Building Fund ABN 77 738 054 696

To help support the St Spyridon College community today, and into the future, families are encouraged to donate to the College’s Building Fund. Many families give generously to this fund for improvements to buildings and facilities and the amount can be claimed against your nominated personal income tax return in the financial year in which the donation was given.

Change of Details

Parents are required to ensure the College has a record of current contact information. Please notify the College Administration immediately of any changes to contact details including name, address, mobile numbers and email addresses.

Contact Information

For Enrolment Enquiries:
College Administration
1130 Anzac Parade
Maroubra NSW 2035
P: (02) 9311 3340

For Payment Enquiries:
Accounts Department
78 Gardeners Road
Kingsford NSW 2032
P: (02) 8974 7292