St Spyridon Junior School - Kinder Minus One

Our Philosophy Statement

The St Spyridon College Kinder Minus One“Leading Edge Centre” prepares young children to enter formal schooling with confidence and success.

The St Spyridon College “Leading Edge Centre” is a place where children relate to adults who know them well and who work together to develop the best responses to their interests, needs, hopes and potentials.

In all children, there is a “treasure within”. Every child is capable and powerful; every child is driven to explore their world with curiosity and a formidable sense of wonder.

Our Kinder Minus One staff will work with other staff of the College to create an environment for children with children that develops their natural attributes and builds their sense of identity, belonging and self-worth.

Enrolling Now for Kinder Minus One

Should you require any further information, please get in touch with us. Alternatively, you can call the Enrolment Officer on (02) 9311 3340.

Below is some information about Kinder Minus One. We welcome you to complete and submit an online application.

What are the conditions for enrolment?

Enrolments will only be accepted for children applying for entry to St Spyridon College the following year, on the clear understanding that the child will complete their education at St Spyridon College.

The St Spyridon College Kinder Minus One program is offered to children who are 4 years old on or before the 31st May, in preparation for entry into the St Spyridon College Kindergarten Class.

What classes will you offer?

The Kinder Minus One class runs for three days on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Our centre offers a 3-day program on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

How long is the K Minus 1 day?  What are the start and finishing times?

From 8.30am – 2.30pm.  Parents may pick up their child at 2.30pm

From 2.30pm – 3.45pm the children will be supervised for free activity.

The program will run during term time only, as for the rest of the school.

How many staff per child?

In line with government guidelines, there will be two adults – a fully qualified classroom teacher and a teacher’s aide to approximately 25 children.

Is there Out of Hours Care/Vacation Care?


From 3.15pm – 6.30pm the children may be enrolled in the Greek Welfare Centre (GWC) After School Care program, which is on site.  For bookings visit the GWC website at

From  8.00am – 6.00pm the children may be enrolled in the GWC Vacation Care program.  For bookings visit the GWC website at

How will the Kinder Minus One Class help my child to start school?

Our Centre will work with the children to develop those skills necessary for a successful start to formal schooling. The learning activities will be guided by the Early Stage One outcomes of the New South Wales Curriculum. They will develop:

  • Early reading and Early writing
  • Listening and Speaking skills
  • Comprehension skills
  • Scientific and mathematical understanding through reasoning and critical thinking.

In addition to academics, the child’s physical, emotional and social skills will be developed.

As a Greek Orthodox College, the children will be introduced to Jesus and His Church and learn simple prayers, hymns and traditions.

Early Intervention and School Readiness (EISR)

Importantly, our Centre will provide a coherent Early Intervention and School Readiness (EISR) program for Children. Our teachers will work closely with allied professionals (e.g. speech therapist), to diagnose and address children’s physical, intellectual, emotional, sensory needs.  These professionals will work with individual children at the school, with the consent of the parents who would pay them directly for their services.

The information gained will be used by the Junior School teachers to adapt programs for the range of needs, in preparation for entry to Kindergarten class.

Other aspects of the EISR program will include:

  • Working with specialists (ateliers) in areas such as Greek language, Dance, Music, Art, Sport, Technology.
  • Visits and activities in the new Infants school.
  • Lessons with the Kindergarten teachers.
  • A buddy system between Kinder Minus One children and Year 5 students.
  • Going to Church as part of the school’s ethos.

What does my child wear?  Is there a uniform?

Yes, the children will wear the Summer and Winter sports uniform of the Junior School.

Summer: St Spyridon College Junior School summer sports uniform: short sleeved T-shirt, shorts and floppy hat, white socks and sports shoes.

Winter: St Spyridon College Junior School winter sports uniform: tracksuit-pants and jacket, long-sleeved polo shirt and floppy hat, white socks and sports shoes.

Where do I buy it from?

Once the child is enrolled the uniform may be purchased from the College Uniform shop or ordered online.