St Spyridon College promotes educational excellence within a caring environment. We encourage students to strive to achieve their personal best, to develop their full potential. We recognise students’ talents and we reward achievement and effort. We celebrate students’ successes in academic study, in the visual and performing arts, in sporting pursuits and for community service.

On the following pages, we provide a summary of the major scholarships, awards and prizes that St Spyridon College bestows on its students at special ceremonies.

The Academic and University Scholarships Scheme, is especially highlighted, as a significant initiative in the pursuit of our motto αιεν αριστευειν.

We congratulate all students who through diligence and sustained effort will win one or more of the honours listed. We encourage all students, to work towards them in the future.

Mrs Amelia Katsogiannis 
Head of College

Scholarship opportunities for new and existing students:

ACER Scholarship for the top Year 6 student for four years, from Year 7 to Year 10.

ACER Scholarship for the two top Year 10 students for two years,Years 11 & 12.

University Scholarship for all St Spyridon students who achieve a ATAR of 97.0 or above.

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