EH_60+_LOGO_EPS_LARGEThe Earth Hour organisation is turning Earth Hour (March 29th 2014) from a once off moment to a year round movement – built around storytelling and action at the community level. On Earth Hour a newly created documentary will be broadcast nationally on a major media network. The “It’s Lights Out for the Reef”-­- themed documentary will highlight how climate change is affecting us here in Australia, by telling the story of one of our most valued national treasures.

On Earth Hour, Australians’ will come together to host or attend screenings of the Earth Hour documentary, and to celebrate climate solutions at the local level. Make sure you tune in on March 29th at 6pm on Channel 10 to watch the special Earth Hour
Documentary on the Great Barrier Reef.

At St Spyridon we are joining in with our community and College activities and ask you to explore this page and contribute in any way you can.

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