Money Maters [clear]

This area concentrates on some of the financial issues associated with working and tertiary study.

See the “UAC Guide.”  Find the section on Course Costs and Financial Assistance  Part 1 Section 7 for more information.

CENTRELINK Payments while studying or training

YOUTH ALLOWANCE Financial assistance is provided by Centrelink for students studying full-time and part-time. It is subject to income and assets tests.

NSW Department of Industrial Relations    Information about conditions at work.
SCHOLARSHIPS AND BURSARIES  For information on these, please research the individual institution’s website or contact them directly.The universities have information on their websites about scholarships they offer and how and when to apply for these. Please see Ms Hakos to discuss these and for assistance.

ACCOMMODATION  Most universities provide some accommodation for the students in colleges or residences. Contact the individual institution for details. Most university websites have information about colleges for students. Apply early for colleges at the different universities to which you have applied. Do not leave your application until you have received an offer.

FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE  Most universities have financial assistance offices where students can find out information about loan funds and bursaries which assist students who experience financial difficulties.