Senior School Co-Curricular Programme

The aim of the program is to enrich students’ learning experiences beyond the classroom.
The CCP contributes to the development of school spirit and pride in individual and group
achievements. It provides students with the opportunity to develop their creative
and team skills.

The CCP exists to:

  1. support students’ participation in interschool and district activities and other activities
  2. provide students with opportunity to develop their leadership skills
  3. develop students’ sense of commitment and responsibility
  4. provide students with enjoyment and relaxation.

The CCP has three broad strands:

Thinking, Performing, Sport.
  • Thinking: areas in the program that will cover activities such as: Debating – Public Speaking – Mock Trial – Tournament of Minds – Chess etc.
  • Performing/Creating: areas in the program cover; Drama – Choir – Dance – Aerobics. Creative arts are also part of this strand and include visual arts and craft activities.
  • Sport: areas of sport whether team (basketball – soccer etc.) or individual skill-building activities (athletics – swimming)