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    • Conditions of Enrolment:

      Parents or legal guardians who submit an enrolment application and who subsequently receive an offer of a placement at the College, will only be admitted on the understanding that they accept the conditions of entry outlined below:
      1. All offers of enrolment are made at the discretion of the Head of College or delegate.
      2. Students commencing Kinder Minus One must be 4 years old on or before 31 May in preparation for entry into Kindergarten the following year.
      3. Students commencing Kindergarten must be 5 years of age or turn 5 by the end of May.
      4. An enrolment is accepted on the understanding that the student intends to complete their education at St. Spyridon College.
      5. Students and their parents or guardians will observe all rules and regulations of the College.
      6. Students and their parents or guardians will support the Mission, Values and Ethos of the College, and students will participate in all mandatory activities including Orthodox Studies classes, Divine Liturgies, assemblies, camps and excursions.
      7. Except in the case of illness, parents or guardians will seek permission for a student to be absent beforehand. Parents or guardians will provide an explanation for every absence.
      8. Parents or guardians will apply for extended leave from school well in advance of the anticipated date of leave. The automatic granting of such leave should not be assumed. With the exception of leave for pre-planned medical treatment, requests for leave are to be in writing.
      9. No reduction in fees will be made in respect of a student’s absence from school for either the whole or part of a term.
      10. Parents or guardians are to notify the school of any changes in address.
      11. Parents or guardians are to notify the school of any changes in family circumstances that may affect the life of the student at the College, to enable suitable care for the student.
      12. Information collected by the school is covered by the St Spyridon College Privacy policy.
      13. If a student requires urgent hospital or medical treatment of any nature while at school or involved in a school activity, and if after making reasonable efforts the school is unable to contact the parents or guardians, then the parents or guardians will be taken to have authorised the school to give authority to the relevant health professionals for such treatment. Parents and guardians will also reimburse the school for all costs and expenses arising directly or indirectly out of such treatment.
      14. Students are responsible for their personal belongings and the school will not be liable for any loss of or damage to these belongings.
      15. The College reserves the right to terminate the attendance and enrolment of any student whose conduct brings the College into disrepute, or constitutes a serious breach of the College Code of Conduct.
      16. Similar measures will be taken when the presence of a student becomes prejudicial to the health or moral welfare of other students or when a student becomes a danger to themselves or to others.
      17. Students whose parents do not comply with the conditions set by the College may be excluded from enrolment.
      18. The Board of Governors retains the right to refuse enrolment without disclosing reasons for so doing.


      1. A non-refundable Registration fee is payable upon submission of the Enrolment Form to the school. A non-refundable Entrance fee is then payable on acceptance of an offer of placement, and, together with completion of the Acceptance Agreement Form, confirms acceptance of the offer.
      2. The level of tuition, other fees, levies and charges are determined by the Board of Governors. These are subject to variation at any time by notifying parents or guardians in writing. Charges will apply from the date specified in the notice.
      3. The signatory parents or guardians are jointly and severally responsible for the payment of school fees. Where there is only one signatory parent or guardian, the person must satisfy the College and he/she is the sole parent or guardian and is solely responsible for the payment of all fees and charges.
      4. Fees for students in Kindergarten Minus One to Year 11 are charged four times per year with fee accounts being issued prior to the beginning of each term. Fees for students in Year 12 are charged three times per year prior to the beginning of Terms 1, 2 and 3.
      5. The Bursar/Parish Executive Officer should be contacted if difficulty is experienced in paying fees.
      6. The school reserves the right to refuse a student entry to a new Term if fees are more than one term in arrears and there is no approved alternative arrangement for payment. Financial administration penalties will apply to out-standing fee accounts.
      7. If a student is to be withdrawn from the school at least one term’s notice is required in writing to the Head of College, such notice being given no later than the last day of the previous term.
      8. Parents are required by Law to provide details of the destination school for students below 17 years of age. If this information is not provided the College will complete a Student Destination Unknown Notification form for the Department of Education and Communities Home School Liaiso
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