Appreciating Culture Event 2017


The Appreciating Culture Event 2017

Hellenic Ripples

Thursday, August 17th 2017

Sports and Performing Arts Centre
Senior School Campus – 1130 Anzac Parade, Maroubra – 6 PM – 8 PM

For further information or to book please call Angela Kringas on
(02) 9311 3340

Developing the whole person mind, body and soul


Reverend Father Steven, members of the Board of Directors, distinguished guests all, past and present students, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome.

The Appreciating Culture Events began in 2003 when the late Gavin Brown, then Vice Chancellor of Sydney University gave a lecture on The Case for Universities in a Civilised Society. His Eminence Archbishop Stylianos in 2005 identified for us the Priorities in True Culture, which he saw as inextricably linked to every human person’s fundamental right to freedom. In 2008, Judge John Hatzistergos, then the Attorney General of New South Wales, enlightened us on how the development of the Australian Constitution catapulted Australia to a new sense of citizenship. Other speakers who edified us with their lectures were the Honourable Peter Garrett, in 2011, the then Minister For Education, Professor Fred Hilmer in 2013, as the then Vice Chancellor of the University of New South Wales, and most recently Dr Nicholas Pappas in 2015. Every year since 2005, we have held an Arts exhibition of students’ work as an expression of our school’s appreciation of culture.

This year, our focus in this the 7th Appreciating Culture Event, is on the St Spyridon College community itself-on how we contribute to building culture; how we enrich the culture of NSW and Australia. We are here today to celebrate the work that teachers do with students.

As you can see, we are surrounded by some of the results of this work – in the students’ artwork, and in the products of their work in Design and Technology. It is wonderful to see how our students respond to the opportunities to create something new that reflects their talents and passion.

The Art Exhibition theme of “Hellenic Ripples” shows that students at St Spyridon College develop an appreciation of the influences of their Hellenic heritage on all art forms, across time and place. We are pleased that for the first time this year, the HSC calendar has allowed us to exhibit some of the HSC works.

The teachers of St Spyridon College model what is best about educators. They provide leadership to other educators; they carry out research; they contribute to educational forums; and create units of work for classrooms beyond their own.

I am now pleased to launch a new venture for St Spyridon College – ‘the St Spyridon College Press’. Under the new crest of the “Γλαύκα”, the College will publish original works by teachers and others, for wider dissemination to schools and the general public.

The first publication we are launching tonight is a unit of work which will form part of a series, for school learners of Greek as a second or foreign language. “The Olympian Gods” – «Οι Θεοί του ‘Ολυμπου» was originally developed for students in Year 3 at St Spyridon College. However, the quality of the work is such that it is suitable for all students of the Greek language, depending on their language level, including beginners and intermediate students at secondary schools. By using this book, students of all ages will develop language skills, while at the same time, learning about Greek mythology – which as we all know, has informed Western thought and literature down the centuries.

I commend the creative and hard work of the writers Mr Angelos Amditis and Mrs Christina Diavatiotis. The work is of an outstanding quality. I thank Mr Steven Csergo, for his scintillating original artwork. And I acknowledge the work of all those who contributed as editors and graphic artists.

Two more publications will be launched in 2018, as part of the celebrations of the school’s 35th birthday. One is on the Liturgical Life of the Church written by Mr. Anthony Picardi, Orthodox studies teacher. The other is the second in the Mythology series on the Illiad.

This evening we are pleased to launch a book of poems, An Anthology of Memories by the late Venedictos Livissianis. His poems were inspired by the everyday joys of watching his Church, community and College develop and grow in ways pleasing to God.

He was a loved and faithful member of his Church and community. It is wonderful that his son Con is now President of the Parish and is here to honour his memory together with his brother Dimitrios and their families.

For teachers to do their best work, they need the support of their Parishes and Committees. They need facilities and resources that are up to date and purpose-built. Over the 34 years of the school’s history the Parish and Community of St Spyridon College has worked diligently and responsibly to deliver to the highest standards. As you all know the next major project is the much anticipated new Infants’ School building. The new building will provide spacious classrooms with age appropriate equipment, and specialist areas for music, the creative and performing arts, as well as softball play areas and flexible multipurpose spaces. Tonight we share with you a short video that will leave us with a “taste” of the new building. Please imagine yourselves walking from Bruce Street, around the corner to Gardeners Road, to the main entrance facing our Church, on Mary Hamer Lane.

Thank you Father Steven for your leadership these many years, Mr Livissianis and all the Board members for their vision and foresight to provide this wonderful facility for the youngest children of our school community.

Thank you.

Mrs E. Stefanou-Haag

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