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Dear Parent,

The purpose of schooling is to prepare students to manage futures that, due to rapid technological and social advances, we can neither pre-empt nor predict. At St. Spyridon College, we do this by encouraging  St Spyridon College - Head of College - Mrs Efrosinistudents to excel in all that they attempt. We provide an education that is academically rigorous and challenging. We believe that a strong sense of identity and self-worth are the basis for managing the challenges of life with confidence and success. Our pastoral care instills values that inspire our students to make a positive contribution to their school and the wider community.

The most distinctive aspect of Hellenic thought is the desire to solve the mysteries of the universe through a logical and innovative search for knowledge. As a Greek Orthodox school, we believe that we have a responsibility to promote the concept of a Thinking School. We give our students every support to fulfil their potential in their Learning Journey K-12.

Our programs explicitly address the four pillars of education as identified by the UNESCO International Report on Education for the 21st century, “Learning; the Treasure Within’:

Learning to Know;
Learning to Do;
Learning to Live Together; and
Learning to Be.

It is these four pillars that in turn support what we believe is the essential platform for a fulfilling life and ultimate purpose of our endeavours here at St. Spyridon College – Learning to Love.

Students need to have a sense of belonging in order to embark on an “inner voyage” where they develop faith, resilience, sense of purpose and responsibility. In partnership with parents, we endeavour to make their journey both challenging and joyous.

St Spyridon College - Head of College - Mrs Efrosini

Mrs. Efrosini Stefanou-Haag

Head of College



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