St Spyridon College - Co-Education

Application Requirements

Entry into St Spyridon College is based on assessment and academic entrance examinations, reports, references and interviews with the Head of College or their delegate. A student’s track record including academic performance, attendance, behaviour, and general conduct will be considered in deciding to accept an enrolment.

All applications for enrolment are to be accompanied by:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Baptismal Certificate (where applicable)
  • Reference by Priest (where applicable)
  • Report / Profile from School, Preschool or Child Care Centre (as applicable).

All other things being equal, priority is given to siblings, children of alumni, Orthodox families, clergy of Canonical Orthodox Churches, Parish staff and volunteers, as well as benefactors’ children and grandchildren (identified by a confirmation of letter from the Parish).

Enrolments are processed in order of receipt and maintaining a balance of boys and girls.

Assessment Process

Kinder Minus One and Kindergarten

Students commencing Kinder Minus One must be 4 years old on, or before, 31 May in preparation for entry into Kindergarten the following year. Students commencing Kindergarten must be 5 years old on, or before 31 May.

Enrolment for the Kinder Minus One program is only for children who will be attending Kindergarten the following year. It is a condition of enrolment that children are completely independent at toileting.

A school entry assessment is conducted to attest to the child’s readiness to commence formal schooling and includes:

  • Oral communication skills
  • Literacy (print concepts, letter identification, phonemic awareness, sight words)
  • Fine motor skills / physical development
  • Social behaviours, interaction skills and emotional maturity
  • Information from Reports/Portfolio profiles from pre-entry institutions
  • Information from reports from other professionals, for example Psychologists/ therapists.

In making a decision to accept a student, their academic ability, behaviour and the welfare and safety of other students, and whether the student can be provided with an appropriate education program will be major factors. Information will be sought from previous education institutions, including child care centres, preschools and past reports and specialist practitioners.

Years 1-11

A student’s academic ability, behaviour, welfare, and safety of other students, and whether the student can be provided with an appropriate education program will be major factors in the assessment and decision-making process. Information will be sought from previous and current schools, past reports, and specialist practitioners as applicable.

Students who accept the invitation to continue their studies at the College will sign an Acceptance Agreement that is co-signed by parents.

Year 12

Entry into year 12 will be considered in exceptional circumstances by the Head of College.

Conditions of Enrolment

Offers for placement are made subject to the College’s Conditions of Enrolment.