St Spyridon College Kinder 2020

Starting Kindergarten marks the commencement of formal schooling. At St Spyridon College we endeavour, together with the parents, to make the beginning of the child’s learning journey, both joyful and rewarding. St Spyridon College is a place of light and laughter, where students are seen as capable and powerful; driven to explore the world with curiosity and a sense of wonder.

St Spyridon Teachers tap into children’s natural attributes to make their learning meaningful and purposeful. They create an environment that inspires children to work together and alone, to develop new skills, to pose questions, to test our ideas, to make connections, to express feelings and to reflect on their experiences.

St Spyridon College children have a strong sense of belonging and self-worth. This is because they are surrounded by a loving network of adults who know them well and who respond to their interests, needs, hopes and potentials. They are supported by the strong partnership between their parents and their teachers. We look forward to sharing your child’s journey through Kindergarten with you.

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