Mary Hamer

Mrs Mary HamerAfter a long and brave battle with cancer, Mrs Mary Rayias Hamer passed away on Tuesday morning 16th July, leaving her immediate and extended family in grief.

For Mrs Hamer, her extended family embraced every child, every teacher, every parent and grandparent, who entered the gates of St Spyridon College.

At this difficult time, we are comforted by the presence of our Parish Priests, Father Steven Scoutas and Father Sotiris Drapaniotis, who spoke to both our teachers as a group and the student body K-6, giving us the strength to continue in her absence by following her example of resilience and love for life.

We commiserate with her devoted husband Peter and her beautiful children Anthony, Christopher and Lydia. Most of all, our prayers are with Mrs Hamer’s mother Eleni.

To everyone we wish life, health and the strength to accept what we cannot change. We ask you to support us in comforting our children at this time while also keeping them calm so that we can all learn to accept sadness and even tears though never doubting God’s providence.

The funeral will be held on Tuesday 23rd July at St Spyridon Church at 9.30am.

May her memory be eternal and life to all of you.

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