St Spyridon - Learning to swim

St Spyridon - Learning to swimEvery child should learn to swim in order to equip them with vital survival skills that will stay with them for life. A recent study from Griffith University NSW has revealed that there may be advantages to starting this process early. The study suggests that children under five who have swimming lessons develop better language, literacy and numeracy skills, and are likely to be better prepared for school. The four year study surveyed almost 7000 parents and students from Australia, New Zealand, and the US and involved an independent assessment of 177 children aged between 3-5 years. Professor Robyn Jorgensen lead author, said that children who had swimming lessons prior to commencement of school, were found to have performed better in tests of some physical skills although not ball handling, and scored significantly better in literacy, mathematics, visual motor skills and oral expression. It’s never too early or too late to encourage consistent participation in swimming lessons, especially when the program is organised during school hours for our primary students. The above mentioned report can be found at here Other useful websites include:

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